AMANENE, the film

16 min documentary

From the township of Khayelitsha to the downtown of Cape Town, the members of the a cappella band Major Voices open the doors of their daily life between contrasts. Assisting the director with the camera, they introduce us to their lifestyle and share their vision; nine young voices that spread hope, love and smiles to brighten the future.

take a colorful, rythmic and authentic journey into our daily life

a word from the director

I met Major Voices in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2017. These young adults are extremely talented and have a very deep story. Unfortunately, people don’t give them the chance to shine and express themselves like they should. That’s why I chose, for my final school project, to give them that chance. As a westerner, what I was told too many times while I was in Cape Town was to avoid the township communities, and what I saw too often were documentaries made by foreigners about South African townships in which we see crime, danger, poverty, misery and violence. Since Major Voices spreads hope and breaks a lot of prejudices, I wanted to make a documentary that shares light instead of darkness and shows the community in a more intimate and authentic way than through a stranger’s eye. So I went back to South Africa and stayed with Major Voices in their community for about 2 months to create together a short documentary film that would represent them. We fast became inseparable and ended up building much more than just a film. The most important for me was to involve them in the creation process so they could express themselves about their art, their story, their community and their lifestyle. To do so, I gave them a camera that they kept 24/7 to film what they wanted, when they wanted, whether I was there or not. Amanene is thus the result of a harmonious combination of my images and theirs, a total immersion into a South African reality full of hope.

Maggie Mercier, Canada

behind the scene